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Imps and Monsters June 2017 Newsletter

Happy June,

Show and festival season is in full swing and that’s where a lot of my energy has been directed, while many other things have been neglected – like social media and, quite frankly, creating new art. (Though in all fairness to myself I have been secretly creating game art, I just haven’t been able to share it). Things are crazy-busy as usual but I am feeling surprisingly sane (thanks mostly to time spent with my family and in my garden). June is particularly busy with 3 art shows, 2 birthdays (my wife and one of my boys), and my wedding anniversary (19 happy years).

I just updated my events page with all the 2017 show dates so check them all out by clicking HERE or just see below for shows happening in June as well as a few other things going on. And as always, thanks for all the support, kind words, and good vibes.


LAST CHANCE to Pre-Order By Order Of The Queen
(AND get the KS Price and Bonuses)

With the production copy approved and production in full swing, “By Order Of The Queen” is well ahead of schedule (original release date Oct 2017) – Yay! This is the FINAL WEEK to pre-order at the Kickstarter price (and receive all the Kickstarter bonuses with it).

New Game Announced: “Crows”

Our game designer David Gerrard @dagerr was at Evergreen Tabletop Expo over the weekend representing “Junk Spirit Games” and showing off our games “JunKing” and “By Order Of The Queen,” and also announcing our upcoming release: “Crows.” Crows was originally designed by Tyler Sigman (“Darkest Dungeon”) and briefly released in 2010. Tyler approached Dave about re-releasing the game and so we did some play-testing and decided it would be a great fit for our fictional world of Tessandor, the setting of “By Order Of The Queen.” So Dave set about polishing the rules and gameplay while I began creating the artwork.

The artwork for “Crows” varies from our first two games in a couple ways. First, the color schemes are more macabre and thematic featuring a lot of black and white with just small accents of color. We wanted crows to have kind of a grim look (like the black, white and red paintings I often do). Secondly, the art is all hand-painted in acrylic paint on wood, unlike our previous games which were colored digitally.

“Crows” has been a lot of fun to work on and I am excited to show off more of the art and gameplay. We will be announcing Kickstarter launch dates and teasing the game art pretty soon so stay tuned…

June 2017 Events

Fremont Solstice Fair – Seattle, WA
June 17-18, 2017, Father’s Day Weekend
Our booth is right in front of PCC. NOTE: Justin will NOT be attending in person.

Edmonds Art Festival – Edmonds, WA
June 16-18, 2017, Father’s Day Weekend
700 Main Street, Edmonds, WA

Utah Arts Festival – SLC, UT
June 22 – 25, 2017
Library Square, Salt Lake City, UT