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Jabberwocky Coloring Book On Kickstarter

“JABBERWOCKY: A Nonsense Coloring Book”

My Jabberwocky coloring book is now on Kickstarter for a very short campaign so please check it out and share! I don’t usually use Kickstarter for smaller projects such as this, but I wanted to make the books locally and really high-quality so I just need a little help with the printing costs. Because I am having the books printed locally and the artwork and files are already complete, turnaround will be quick and they will arrive by early December – hopefully in plenty of time for Christmas (US Delivery). Note: Original inks will also be for sale via the Kickstarter.


“Jabberwocky” has been my favorite poem of all time ever since I was introduced to it in middle school. I can’t remember if I memorized it as part of an assignment or just for fun, but I do remember thinking after reading it a few times that maybe poetry was kind of cool after all. It was written by Lewis Carroll around 1871 and included in “Alice Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There.” In the story, Alice travels through a looking-glass where she meets all kinds of interesting characters. She finds the poem “Jabberwocky” in a book, but can’t read it until she holds it up to a mirror. After reading the poem she says “It seems very pretty…but it’s rather hard to understand! …Somebody killed something: that’s clear, at any rate.”

In October, I decided to post consecutive ink drawings of “Jabberwocky” via social media, breaking up the poem and presenting it in storybook-like fashion. Being a fan of coloring in general, I thought this would make a great coloring book. So here we are…

Thanks for checking out the project and sharing!
🙂 Justin Hillgrove