Library Imp 3


5″ x 7″ acrylics on wood. 2017. Part of Justin Hillgrove’s 2017 exhibition “Well Read.” The show focused on storytelling, books and reading.

“Library Imps”

Library Imps are often mistaken for pests or familiars, but they are neither. They are skiddish and wild, but harmless. They are considered good luck in libraries and other book repositories and with good reason. They hunt the rodents, book worms and fairyfolk that often damage books, and their innocent, curious natures are contagious – broadcasted to those in close proximity via pheromones and sub-sonic purring.

The open edition print has all three Library Imp images (1, 2 & 3) on it. See the print image on the left. (The giclée is just the single image with a black mat).